On My List Today…

Parent Teacher Conferences are on my list today–I hate them! I’m a good student. I’m better than that; I’m a straight A student. But I feel stressed when my parents meet my teachers because my parents insist that I go with them to the stupid meeting. The whole thing feels awkward and senseless. My parents and teachers both scramble to figure out what to say to each other. “Nik’s a great student.” “She does all her assignments.” I’m glad to have her in class.”  Blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. I promise my future kids that I will never attend those things.

But this time, however, I have a real reason to feel stressed and be concerned. I got in trouble–twice–in English class for texting Todd. My teacher took my phone and gave me a note to take home. Who does that anymore now that email exists? So I did what any kid would do. I signed the note myself and turned it in. I know my teacher is going to bring it up because since my grades are always good the only question Mom asks is, “Is her behavior OK?” The timing could not be worse. Homecoming is next week. Next week! It’ll be my first homecoming as Todd’s girlfriend, but you and I both know that my parents are going to ground me.

What should I do?


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