Summer Madness

This summer is flying by. I haven’t done half of the things that I wanted to do. For instance, I haven’t done or completed some of the following things on my list:

1. Practice my floating (my swim instructor says I have a ‘low center of gravity’. What in the world is that? Whatever it is, I keep sinking to the bottom of the pool. (Is that a sign that I have had one too many milkshakes this summer?)

2. Teach my dad to dance. Our school holds a sophomore child-parent dance. Mom says going to the dance would be a good memory for me and dad. Problem is, my dad cannot keep a beat to save his life! So, I thought it would be great to teach my dad a few of the latest dances. O-M-G!!!! After working with dad, I wonder how he is able to walk, he is so uncoordinated.

3. Sample new hairstyles–can’t go into sophomore year with freshman oldness!!

4. Get the tune “Summer Madness” out of my head.  Mom plays it all summer when she cleans. Check it out:


What about you? What haven’t you done this summer? What’s your mom or dad’s “Summer Madness” song?



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