On My List Today…

Time together is on my list today. How much time should a couple spend together? I feel like a couple should spend as much time together as they can, but Todd doesn’t. He said that his parents spend lots of time apart, but they are still married (how can they possibly be happy?). My parents hang out all the time, laughing and going places, whispering things to each other, having each other try new foods or read new books. That’s what I want.

So what do I do? How do Todd and I figure this out? I don’t like sitting alone watching TV while Todd is hanging with his boys. I want to watch movies together, and play video games, and even go to the track and practice. Sure, Rena and I hang out, but I don’t mind telling her that I can’t because I’m hanging with Todd.

Why won’t he do the same?

What about you? What’s on your list today, and what do you think about spending time together?




Summer Madness

This summer is flying by. I haven’t done half of the things that I wanted to do. For instance, I haven’t done or completed some of the following things on my list:

1. Practice my floating (my swim instructor says I have a ‘low center of gravity’. What in the world is that? Whatever it is, I keep sinking to the bottom of the pool. (Is that a sign that I have had one too many milkshakes this summer?)

2. Teach my dad to dance. Our school holds a sophomore child-parent dance. Continue reading