Halloween Headache

With Halloween quickly approaching, I have a dilemma…how should Todd and I dress for Rena’s party? At first I didn’t even think we should dress up, after all…we’re in high school. But Rena insisted. She said everybody has to come in costume. Then she said that she and Rusty were dressing like Bella and Edward. So, of course, I asked Todd about it and after laughing and saying how stupid it all sounded, he said we could dress alike because he wanted to “keep me smiling.” But then, he suggested we dress like Ren and Stimpy. Who in the heck are Ren and Stimpy? “Only my favorite cartoon characters from when I was a kid,” he said. “It’ll be so fun,” he encouraged. “I agreed to wear a dumb costume, so the least you can do is let me pick it,” he argued.

Help me out…how does this work in relationships?

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